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Culver Club Sandwich Club

How do the best in the area stack up?

What’s soft, round and tender, and makes dogs happy?

Hint: It’s not Ian

25 days of Culver
Party recipes, gift ideas, questionable toasts, and more!
Culver Club (1)

Month at a Glance

  • 4th Patrick Swayze in “Ghost” at the Pabst Theater (ENCORE)

  • 15th No-Takers Cocktail Hour at Culver – Katti and Joshua team up on Spam-a-ritas

  • ichia

    17th The Culver Ian Chia Pet is released just in time for holiday giving. Now all enjoy watching Ian have a growth spurt.

  • solo_can

    20th Recycle America Day; Wells pitches in; sponsors unopened beer can drive.

  • 22nd Kurt calls in sick; depressed about his last-place, all-Detroit Lions Fantasy Football team.

  • 29th Cudahy X Mas Parade: 3 Ducks, Pox the Clown, and 300 pound Mall Santa in a Kia.