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Sticker Club Strikes Back

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Making our clients look great can take many forms. Recently we were asked to help create a presentation for a massive global marketing summit. We started thinking that we needed a specialist in multimedia presentations to pull it together. After a bit of internal discussion and brainstorming, we realized the animation and video skills we’ve honed for their social presence combined with our intimate connection to the business made us the best choice to produce a stunning show. So we brewed a stiff pot, set to work, and created animations and graphics choreographed perfectly to the meticulously crafted script. The facility where this was held was immense and the multiple theater-size screens and sound system dominated the room. Human beings on stage almost appear to be an afterthought. Armed with spectacular numbers, great preparation, focused memorization and our presentation, our clients knocked it out of the park. The whole thing came off perfectly and was a resounding success – actually winning the top award among the over 30 global business units attending. We showed best-in-class performance with both storytelling and technical execution. It’s not that we love doing presentations (though now, we do,) it’s that we believe in our brands, and can get others to connect and believe as well. It also helps that no matter what we’re asked to do, we always say “Yes.”

Can you get it done on time?  “Yes!”

Will it be great? “Yes!!”

Want some schnapps in your coffee? “Yes!!!”