Culver Holiday Pageant a Bust


As a dance major, Katti felt she had it under control, but such was not the case for the ill-fated “Culver Travelling Holiday Show”. There were many obstacles, but perhaps the biggest was the tepid enthusiasm from the participants. Brian and Ian’s “Cirque de Culvay”  acrobatic routine ended before it began when Brian’s “Elf Toss” put Ian into a low-hanging sprinkler head. Eddie’s “Silver and Gold” fizzled when he split his snowman suit and Joshua’ sour mood took all the fun out of his starring role in the hip hop nativity scene.


Instead, the Culver team switched plans and enlisted foolish hats and Whirlyball to celebrate the year-end. After inflicting hats on one another, we took to the Whirlycourt and experienced the true hustle and bustle of the holiday season.