Playing it Cool


“We’ve always enjoyed a challenge” CEO Wells Culver said recently to no one in particular as he drove down the highway. “So when the folks at Fromm asked us to help reach the hardest consumer of all, we jumped.”

If someone else was in the car with him, Culver would have gone on to explain that cats are a particularly difficult consumer to please, especially with a soft and chewy treat. That’s why when Fromm’s new line of cat treats needed a name and look, Culver enlisted the talents of a cartoon jazz band that packs swagger with the fun, cool look of saturday morning cartoons. Enter PurrSnackitty.


“They sunk their needles in, and negotiated a great deal” Culver echoed to himself, walking alone in the empty parking structure. “It’s lucky we found that level of jazz talent, and it’s lucky we booked them before their 2023 world tour” he quipped moments later, unlocking the office door and finding no one there.

PurrSnackitty treats have been launched in Canada and the United States, and are receiving rave reviews from humans and cats alike. Sales are strong, and the feline community has circled in, appreciating the exceptional taste, easy mouth feel, and long-awaited cultural recognition.  

“I’m just glad we were able to bring fun to the cat treat aisle in such a cool way” Culver said, wandering through the dark offices. “I’m looking forward to bringing all the characters to life in animated social media” he added, just before realizing it was Saturday.